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Terry Chapman, Founder


After operating my own business for many years, I next wanted to solve one business problem that I encountered regularly - which was keeping up with bookkeeping and financial records. Now I represent a professional bookkeeping and financial management service firm that I always wished I could have found myself! I’d like to meet you to show you how you can benefit.

Many businesses find that the paperwork and accounting tasks have grown to the point that more resources are needed. Often, the extra burden falls on the owner or manager whose time is really best spent elsewhere. Or, a trusted employee is working too many hours and responsible for too much work. Important to consider is that most businesses need outside advice and review of financials to maximize confidence in the final numbers. Finally, with the rapid advances in technology the business that isn’t keeping up can get left way behind with inefficiencies and costs and overhead that hinder competitiveness.  These are all common concerns for any business owner and manager.

We offer businesses just like yours a chance to solve these problems.  You can leverage the power of cloud-based accounting software and enjoy paperless records and receipt scanning from your desk and smartphone. We offer fixed monthly billing and a choice of packaged services so you can choose the level of support that’s right for you. Visit our web site’s Calendar page to set an Initial Consultation appointment.

I look forward to speaking with you and learning more about you and your business.

Best regards,

Terry Chapman


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